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The organization active in Macha (Zambia), which you probably know as PrivaServe Foundation, has a new name: Macha Works. This name indicates that our approach within rural Macha works and that Macha is recognised as an example of rural development for other rural communities in Africa!

Within the newsletter we want to explain the recent progress made and give you some examples of our ambitious projects. Curious? Take a look and click on the topic that interests you like:

What is happening
in Macha today?

Currently all activities in Macha run at maximum capacity.
The different projects that are executed currently in Macha employ more than 1.000 workers.


The significant reduction in malaria (which has been reduced by >90%) is one of the most visible and measurable successes in Macha.The Medical Research Organisation (MRT) expands the scope of the activities to HIV and TB with the "Test & Treat approach" that has proven to work in Macha.
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  Local Talent : Cynthia Mumba

The core element of our approach is the ownership and involvement of local talent. The talented youngsters from Macha and other communities, take the lead in building their own village, like Cynthia.
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The MICS House (Macha Innovative Community School) has opened its doors in July. The first eight Zambian children now live in the house of MICS. The MICS House was the first large project that external donations made possible. After a construction process of 1.5 years, the building is now finished.
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How would you feel if you had no access to energy? Only 2% of the people who live in rural Zambia, have a connection to the electricity grid. Macha Works has launched an ambitious project for local farmers to produce their own energy: Jatropha Curcas.
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Macha Works Zambia & Netherlands

Over the last two years Macha Works has been successful in attracting new and structural donors to support the community initiated projects in rural Zambia. Large structural donations from both the Dutch and Zambian government have opened doors to new partners. In our fiscal year in 2009 Macha Works raised 1.5M euro in donations.
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